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Stickman Productions is powered by
Joshua Chamberlain + Garrett Castillo

Joshua Chamberlain

Producer. Editor.

Joshua Chamberlain is a Producer/Director who has established himself as one of the most creative and ambitious young voices in the entertainment industry. After ten years in Hollywood, Joshua has returned to his native Maryland roots, with a focus on creating significant and passionate stories that are told in an original and engaging style.


With a background based in editing and comprehensive storytelling, Josh owns and operates Stickman Productions- a multimedia production company collaborating on projects with studios such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Sony Pictures as well as production companies such as Westbrook Entertainment and Franklin Entertainment. Josh has brought his knowledge and expertise to independent as well as blockbuster films (100 million dollar budgets and above) including Spiderman: Far From Home, Baby Driver, Jumanji, Passengers, Bad Boys 3 and many more.


Josh developed his proficiency for storytelling and pacing in the editor’s chair, starting in 2004 while working for New Line Cinema. He eventually moved on to work with Will Smith’s company, Overbrook, where he helped to develop feature film and TV projects, while editing original and captivating productions such as lead Animatic Editor, for After Earth. Simultaneously, Chamberlain worked on 100+ episodes of reality televisions shows for Authentic Entertainment.  In 2013 he took his affinity for identifying great characters, along with his finesse of music and sound design, to Sony Pictures Entertainment Creative Content department where he produced, edited and generated content for a wide variety of projects for over 45 globally released theatrical films. The combined views for his work well exceed 100 millions views.


In 2020 Josh assisted in the development of two movies, Redd Zone (sold to Netflix) and Emancipation (sold to Apple for 120 Million). Josh not only has the vision and the focus, he has the courage and the creativity to build upon it and bring it to life.


Garrett Castillo

Producer. Editor. Music.
Garrett has created content for Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and online entities like Facebook and Youtube.  His portfolio consist of Superbowl commercials, music scores for television commercials and wide range of trailers & featurettes.


Red Table Talk (S3-S5) - Westbrook Studios

Monster Hunter - Sony Pictures

Charm City Kings - Sony Classics
Bad Boys 3 - Sony Pictures
Little Women - Sony Pictures
Jumanji: The Next Level - Sony Pictures
Ghostbusters 2020 - Sony Pictures
Zombieland: Double Tap - Sony Pictures
Spider-Man: Far From Home - Sony Pictures
Miss Bala - Sony Pictures
Escape Room - Sony Pictures
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - Sony Pictures
The Possession of Hannah Grace - Sony Pictures
Life In A Year - Overbrook Entertainment
The Equalizer 2 - Sony Pictures
Searching - Sony Pictures
Red Table Talk (S1) - Westbrook Studios
Alpha - Sony Pictures
Sprinter - Overbrook Entertainment
Hotel Transylvania 3 - Sony Pictures
Insidious 4 - Sony Pictures
The Star - Sony Pictures
Baby Driver - Sony Pictures
Smurfs - The Lost Village - Sony Pictures
Passengers - Sony Pictures
Resident Evil 6 - Sony Pictures
Inferno - Sony Pictures
Ghostbusters - Sony Pictures
The Angry Birds Movie - Sony Pictures
Miracles From Heaven - Sony Pictures
The Fifth Wave - Sony Pictures
Goosebumps - Sony Pictures
The Walk - Sony Pictures
Ricki and the Flash - Sony Pictures
Hotel Transylvania 2 - Sony Pictures
Pixels - Sony Pictures
After Earth - Overbrook Entertainment

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